Finding Fugitives on the Run With Securus Technologies

One of the hardest parts about working on the fugitive task force is hunting down criminals who are at risk to hurting innocent people and not just hiding from us. We had a really difficult situation on our hands, as a fugitive who was burglarizing homes was now violently beating his victims within minutes of their life. He even warned my team if we didn’t back of that he would take things to the next level.


While it is impossible for us to back off, we have to take the safety of our residents into consideration. We decided to stop talking to his family and friends, to give him the impression that we were actually backing off, when in reality we were simply shifting out efforts to a different platform. The next phase of the investigation would take place inside the local prison. Even though we know that inmates love to talk to one another and keep the police out of the loop, we had a resource we were going to use that would eliminate that concern.


Securus Technologies installed the inmate phone monitoring system in this prison, and this was going to be the resource we used to close the gap on our fugitive without him ever knowing. Securus Technologies is currently in 2,600 prison systems and the CEO Rick Smith, says that his 1,000 employees are working tirelessly to ensure this world is a safer place for all. This call system was going to be instrumental in helping us to finally get the lead we needed without anyone really knowing what we were up to or what information we were gathering.


The LBS software was the key to us gathering information from the inmates without them even realizing they were talking to us. Almost right out of the gate, we began picking up chatter about inmates talking about hiding the suspect and fencing his stolen goods. It was the conversation about the fence meeting up because of a large haul that really got us excited because we knew our suspect would show in person for the transfer.


Now that we had this information without anyone knowing we were even on to them, we decided now was the time to take action while the suspect was off guard. As expected, we intercepted him at that meeting and made sure he was able to hurt anyone else. He was unarmed and was so angry that we didn’t give him a chance to fight that he threatened to kill us all and our families. Needless to say, thanks to the Securus Technologies monitoring system, we put away someone who will never be able to hurt another innocent person in our city again.


The Man behind DAMAC Properties and His Contribution to Charity

Hussain Sajwani is a renowned businessman with real estate properties in the United Arab Emirates. He is the founder and chief executive officer of DAMAC Group. Additionally, in the 90’s he established several hotels to accommodate people visiting the country. At that particular time, UAE was receiving a lot of influx in businesspeople coming in to do businesses. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial engineering. After graduation, his career started off at GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He worked as a contracts manager. In 1992, Sajwani left the company and ventured into a catering business.

The catering business grew with time and today, it among the market leaders managing over 200 projects. The institution serves over 150,000 meals in a day to markets in Africa, Middle East, and the CIS. It offers its catering services to construction campsites, 5-star hotels, and army camps.

Additionally, they provide ancillary services like maintenance and workforce supply. In 2002, Hussain identified an untapped market and ventured into the world of property development. He established DAMAC Properties that has grown to become one of the largest property development institutions in UAE.

DAMAC Properties lists in the Dubai Financial Market. It has a workforce of over 2000 employees. The organization specializes in the development of luxury properties. It has delivered over 16,800 homes. It also prides itself with a development portfolio of over 44,000 units. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: and

The Businessman is a close friend with President Donald Trump. After the election of Trump to the office, the two businessmen spent the New Year’s Eve Together.

The two have partnered in several deals with the Trump International Golf Club racking up sales up to $ 2 billion. However, their relationship extends to more than just business.

Their children are close friends, and they are very much involved. Sajwani wife and Ivanka, the first lady, are good friends. In several occasions, the trumps have visited their home in Dubai.

Besides being a businessman, Sajwani is a philanthropist. Through DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani donated 2 million AED towards a campaign aimed at clothing a million deprived children.

The event organized by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum aimed at ensuring children across the globe get provided with essentials. DAMAC Properties donation alone will cloth more than 50,000 children.

Lori Senecal’s top and vital leadership ideologies

After two years in CP+B Global, Lori Senecal, the CEO will exit her role at the year end. Before the entry, Lori was the CEO and president of MDC Partners Network. Chuck Porter, the chairman and co-founder of CP+B, stated that Lori had been a key figure in steering CP+B’s operations. One of the noted aspects is, under her leadership, in October 2015 Lori helped CP+B in landing American Airlines. The company ripped the account away from TM Advertising who had worked with the airline for a quarter a decade.

Porter stated that they are now working with Lori in developing the next generation leadership team. With Lori’s exit news, CP+B need to make thoughtful and careful decisions about the leadership of the company to ensure a smooth transition. The new generation team plans seem to be taking shape with the recent changes in CP+B. Danielle Aldrich, the managing director of CP+B’s Boulders headquarters, is being promoted to president of CP+B West. Aldrich has been instrumental in landing the American Airlines Account. Each of CP+B’s ten offices is run by entrepreneurs who are ardent about building the company within their markets and globally. Senecal stated by promoting the regional leaders; it is possible to share the companies resources equitably and fairly.

On a typical day, Lori starts her day with a workout which she says sparks ideas and gets the blood flowing. However, there are some days when she starts her day with internal meetings with her leadership team members. The meetings are geared towards discussing the trending issues and opportunities in their realm. Lori states that constant communication and outlining priorities for the day are some of the crucial aspects that make her stay focused and productive.

According to Senecal, radical collaboration is vital in bringing ideas to life. That happens whenever top talents collaborate and focus on achieving common goals. At CP+B the best idea is what carries the day and not your title or ranking in the company. Senecal has been a key personality in helping major brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola get fruitful advertising campaigns. Lori is a graduate of Mc Gill University. Also, she is also fluent in French. She recently speak at the 3% conference.

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David McDonald: Localizing A Global Entity

One of the challenges faced by many multinational corporations is cultural differences in the areas they operate in. Appreciating and embracing cultural diversities is an important step towards success for global corporations. It reduces cases of conflict while also ensures that the locals feel a sense of connectivity with the company.

One company executive who has embraced this important factor is David McDonald, the current President of OSI Group: a privately owned multinational headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. As the head of the multinational, which is the leading supplier of value-added protein products globally, Mr. McDonald has overseen the expansion of the corporation’s operations across 17 countries including China. He has actively championed for hiring of local management teams. The local-solution strategy ensures that the managers fully comprehend the local culture.

They then develop operational strategies of their local units and synchronize them with the local cultures to ensure organizational success. Mr. David McDonald OSI Group ensures that even as they expand into new territories, transforming the Group into a global entity, local identity is maintained across the various plants.

Career and Educational History

Other serving as the President of OSI Group LLC, David McDonald also doubles up as the Group’s chief operating officer. He is also a member of the Group’s board of directors and independent director for Mafrig Global Foods S.A, one of the affiliates of OSI Group, following his appointment in 2008. Following the Group’s expansion into the Australian market, Mr. McDonald was appointed to serve as the director of the company’s Australian subsidiary; OSI International Foods Pty Ltd. David McDonald is an OSI Group veteran having worked at the company for over 30 years. he joined the company after graduating from the university in 1987.

Over the past three decades, Mr. McDonald has risen through the ranks of the company to become the company’s President, a role he has executed with significant success. Previously, he held the position of project manager for OSI Industries, a subsidiary of OSI Group. He graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and currently serves as the chairman of North American Meat Institute.

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Brad Reifler Investigating His Professional Profile

Brad Reifler is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Reifler Trading Company. The firm specializes in institution research, global derivative advisory, execution services, and information dissemination. It has managed millions of high net worth individuals in discretionary accounts. Learn more about Brad Reilfer:

Reifler Trading is one of the leading independent future operations. Brad Reifler established himself as a trustworthy financial manager and has won people’s trust globally. He used his vast experience and global presence to found the Pali Capital. Pali Capital is a brokerage company that focuses on equity markets.

Pali Capital

He created a niche strategy that helped capture several hedge fund investors and has experienced success in the industry. Reifler does not recommend his clients on what to buy; instead, he listens to their ideas and capitalizes on them. He picks the most viable ideas; researches on them with secondary structures combined with credit analysis, and training his sales persons on how to articulate the ideas as a package.

Pali Capital is very successful, and during his reign as the CEO, they earned an extra $1billion income commission and doubled employment opportunities for the local people. Their offices have also expanded to three continents. Brad Reifler sold his Reifler Trading Company to the largest futures company, the Refco Inc.

Forefront Capital LLC

Accoriding to Crucnchbas, Brad Reifler’s experience with working with different companies enabled him start the Forefront Capital, LLC, which is his current prime focus. His reputation as a useful and trustworthy entrepreneur helped him attract top investment bankers, registered investment advisors, and significant subsidiaries to his firm.

He leveraged their tremendous knowledge and experience to create a differentiated product offering and opportunities, which fostered the great success of the company. The collaborative experience and environment provided at the Forefront Capital LLC encourages clients and prominent influential investors to share one of the most valuable assets in the industry; their business relations.

The Bowdoin College Alumni serves on various advisory boards such as Genesis Securities, American European Investment, and Foresight Research institutions. He is also the director for the Mercury Sino Acquisition Corp, Wins Finance Holdings Inc., and Root Markets, Inc. He has multiple regulatory licensed as series 63, 24, 7 and 3.

How EOS Got Millennial Marketing Right

Every It Girl has an EOS lip balm in her bag. How did a new start-up take over the Millennials market in an industry in only seven years? The founders of EOS, Evolution of Smooth, recently opened up to Fast Company in an interview.

 Take Influencer Marketing Seriously

EOS’ business evolution was no mistake. The product needed to stand out to shake-up an industry dominated by Clorox and Pfizer. EOS lip balm is all about the experience and it engages all five senses. The companies utilized this by having beauty vloggers review and showcase the lip balm on their channels. Millennials seek out advice from people they trust and come to know through social media. An Amazon product review just doesn’t hold the same amount of water to a 27-year-old woman as it used to.

 Celebrity Endorsements Still Matter

EOS did not exclusively rely on influencers to maximize their Target advertising reach. The company’s founder Jonathan Teller said, “We became the largest advertiser in our category.” Print and television ads still matter. And even more, celebrity endorsement still matter. EOS has had almost every Millennial pop star on their roster; including Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus. While a grown woman may not admit she prefers a lip balm because a pop star uses it, clearly many do.

 Make Something Worth Talking About

It is easy for a company to envy EOS’ social media presence. A single new product image can garner over 40,000 likes. How do they do this? They produce partnerships worth talking about. EOS’ collaborations with Keds to Disney are always unique yet do not forgo their product. There is always something a bit new.

 Always Be The Original

Built from the ground-up, EOS will always be the original sphere in the cylinder world of lip balm. While the other major companies copy EOS’ design, they will never be the original. Millennials will always know the difference. Visit for more information.

Law Enforcement Praises Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides a number of products and services to law enforcement agencies. They cater to the sheriff, police, and local jails as well as corrections agencies across North America. Securus services include investigation, emergency response, public information, information management, biometric analysis, inmate self-service among other products. This company is continuously developing new services and technologies for civil and justice agencies. Securus Technologies focus is to make the world a better place to live.


Customers who use Securus have a lot to say about the company by recapping incidents of their use of certain products. Included in customer feedback, is praise for the monitoring system on inmates calls that led to information on clues to solving cases, locations of illegal items that led to arrests, and technologies that improved public safety.


One agency commented on the LBS software developed by Securus. They praised the software’s capability to assist them in solving numerous crimes involving drugs, cash, and other illegal items. They also went on to say that, without the LBS software, these arrests that involved millions of dollars recovery, may not have been possible.


Another agency stated that it had been using technology developed by Securus for over ten years and continued to use it as the number one choice for revolutionizing their incarceration environment tools and improving public safety.


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Copa Star Hospital, The Five-Star Hospital

Our health is our wealth. People who are healthy are able and independent people. Most people do not take care of their bodies. They only go to the hospital when they are unwell and need to see a doctor. This should not be the case. People should take care of their bodies just like they take care of luxuries like cars. A body is not a machine. It is a system that needs attention all the time. There is usually no need to visit a hospital. You can just ensure you eat healthy meals, exercise the body, and look for easy ways of having a healthy body. There is need to sign up for excellent services when it comes to health care. Some of the errors that occur while signing up for low-cost health care services are irreversible. This shows the keenness that people need to embrace while visiting doctors. Visiting experts for body checkup is wise. It can be costly, but there is nothing in this world that equates health. Read more at about Copa Star.

Copa Star is an exceptional health facility. It takes care of the needs of different people. It is ranked among the best hospitals in Brazil and offers services at pocket-friendly cost depending on the service that an individual may want. It gives self-efficacy to patients while sick. Copa Star has invested in its machinery and equipment. It enables a client to access health care without anxiety and pain. People are exposed to unnecessary pain if there is a lack of high-quality machinery in a hospital. People access treatment at Copa Star without having to undergo the emotional stress that causes pain. This is a major reason why people love it at Copa Star. Everyone would love to have painless health care. Copa Star is a secure place to access any medical service. Some hospitals have the right machinery, but the machine makes the clients uncomfortable while undergoing treatment since the building is not constructed to host some of the heavy machinery.

The construction of Copa Star hospital was designed and built with material that is fit to hold any machinery. It makes it a conducive environment for patients as they enjoy the ambiance that the structure brings. Copa Star has excellent customer care experience. Their reception is constructed in a way that there is confidentiality between the patients and the doctors. This promotes the privacy of the health condition of a person at Copa Star. Some people are usually afraid of what other patients will think of them when they hear about their medical status. This is not the case at Copa Star. These different features qualify Copa Star to be a five-star hospital. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The Discussion Centering On Brazilian Policies

Felipe Montoro Jens specializes in infrastructure projects and recently gave an interview to Edison Carlos. Felipe discussed waste management initiatives in Brazil with the Trata Brasil president. Edison made a point that 90 percent of all services in Brazil are handled by public power at In addition state organizations handle approximately 70 percent of the users. He does not believe a private iniative is a reason to exclude the pubic and feels both forms of management can work as a team.

BNDES is developing a customized plan for the state and is basing it on detailed surveys of the locations. The bank on is adapting projects necessary to deal with financial losses in the water sector. Felipe does not believe it is possible to receive services when there is so much waste. Edison says companies must use their advanced technology for proper water management and Felipe believes this will improve the status of the financial institutions.

That the administration of an organization and their efficiency does not classify their nature. The proper alignment between the citizens and the way the utility is operated must be considered of great importance. Felipe says the costs Edison has listed must be observed on

Edison also believe partnerships must involve concessions and goal must be clear before documents can be drafted. He wants all activities that were presented to be reviewed by the governors to insure all agreements are actually being fulfilled.

Felipe Montoro Jens has an impressive background as a chief financial officer and a board of directors member. He has experience in finances, controlling, auditing, consulting and planning on both project finances and corporate divisions.

Felipe attended Fundao Getlio Vargas where he earned his degree in business administration.

Roberto Santiago and his Modern Mall

Roberto Santiago comes from Joao Pessoa, Paraiba state, Brazil. He is a prominent businessman, owning Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping, one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. Being a coastal city, Joao Pessoa experiences rapid population growth year after year. As a way of coping with the increasing population, five expansions have been done to Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping since it opened doors 27 years ago. Every expansion adds a new sophistication to the already unique architectural design of the mall.

Visitors, leisure, and entertainment characterize coastal towns. Being a good market reader, Santiago was able to design his mall to accommodate leisure and entertainment facilities in order to meet the demands of the region. On top of reading the market well, Santiago stands out in the competitive Brazilian market for his aggressive and relentless approach to business opportunities.

State-of-the-Art facilities

Currently, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has stores in excess of 280 and leasable area of not less than 75,000 m2. The Domus hall in the mall can hold close t

o 8000 people. The hall is used to host all entertainment events including, among others, cultural festivals, live concerts, and exhibitions. The mall also has a college and a bank. According to Ms. Rafaella Barros, the Santiago Manaira’s head of marketing, the mall will be renovated in the near future. This renovation is aimed at helping it to retain its position as the largest mall in Northeast Brazil.

Manaira is the place to be for fun lovers. The mall boasts 11 state-of-the-art movie theaters equipped with the latest technology. In the theaters, clients are treated to 3D movies as well as bar services. Ice cream and popcorns are also delivered on order. All movie theaters are designed in a stadium system to give the client a comfortable and clear view of the movie screens.

For game lovers, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping got you covered. The mall has more than 200 electronic game machines available for kids, youths, and for the older generation as well as electronic bowling slopes.

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About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago was born in 1958. Before finding ground in business, he had worked as a blogger, movie director, and producer. After graduating with business marketing studies degree, Roberto went on to work at Café Santa Rosa.The articles he wrote on his blog made a name for him and significantly helped him to come up with business ideas. Santiago Roberto owns another mall known as Mangabeira Shopping Center. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.