End Citizens United: Giving The Power of Running The Country Back To The People

With the massive political chaos that the American political scene seems to be in right now, numerous people and organizations have come forward, asking for changes to be made to the way things work in the country. With the Republican Party coming into power, there’s no hiding a lot of people who are completely unhappy with the current state of governance. Every day, there are more and more protests appearing in the country against the various laws and bills that the Trump government is passing. It is evident that the country is fighting back, and that the country is vouching for change.


A few years ago, a rather controversial bill was passed which has set the precedent of the current political scenario in the country. The bill labeled as ‘Citizen’s United’ was put into motion. However, contrary to the name of the bill, the law did not bring citizens together but instead put a damper on the hopes of the people and took away their faith in a just political system. According to this bill, large corporations which donate to political parties have the same stance on the government as the people living in America. As complex as that might sound, this bill virtually personifies companies, giving them a say in the politics of the state and allowing them as many rights as far as going and altering the state of the policy and the governing party in power. People with large amounts of money, therefore, counted as having a bigger say in the policy than the actual people in the democracy. This gave way to many corrupt practices and unfair methods which caused the governing party to them make laws benefiting a particular company rather than the actual citizens of the nation.


End Citizen’s United is an organization that aims to overturn this unjust bill and put the power of choosing their government back in the hands of the people. People want to have a say in the body that governs the country and want to have a say in who gets to be elected. Even though votes are cast by the people for certain positions in power, it still doesn’t stop larger companies from coming in and interfering with politics and swaying laws in their favor just because of their multi-million dollar corporations. The organization aims to give the power back to the people to form a well-functioning political system once again.


The organization has identified as being democratic as they feel like the ideas and notions of the Democratic Party resonate with the numerous ideas that End Citizen’s United is trying to put into place. The believe that through constant efforts, they can one day bring about change in American politics.



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