How EOS Got Millennial Marketing Right

Every It Girl has an EOS lip balm in her bag. How did a new start-up take over the Millennials market in an industry in only seven years? The founders of EOS, Evolution of Smooth, recently opened up to Fast Company in an interview.

 Take Influencer Marketing Seriously

EOS’ business evolution was no mistake. The product needed to stand out to shake-up an industry dominated by Clorox and Pfizer. EOS lip balm is all about the experience and it engages all five senses. The companies utilized this by having beauty vloggers review and showcase the lip balm on their channels. Millennials seek out advice from people they trust and come to know through social media. An Amazon product review just doesn’t hold the same amount of water to a 27-year-old woman as it used to.

 Celebrity Endorsements Still Matter

EOS did not exclusively rely on influencers to maximize their Target advertising reach. The company’s founder Jonathan Teller said, “We became the largest advertiser in our category.” Print and television ads still matter. And even more, celebrity endorsement still matter. EOS has had almost every Millennial pop star on their roster; including Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus. While a grown woman may not admit she prefers a lip balm because a pop star uses it, clearly many do.

 Make Something Worth Talking About

It is easy for a company to envy EOS’ social media presence. A single new product image can garner over 40,000 likes. How do they do this? They produce partnerships worth talking about. EOS’ collaborations with Keds to Disney are always unique yet do not forgo their product. There is always something a bit new.

 Always Be The Original

Built from the ground-up, EOS will always be the original sphere in the cylinder world of lip balm. While the other major companies copy EOS’ design, they will never be the original. Millennials will always know the difference. Visit for more information.