Finding Fugitives on the Run With Securus Technologies

One of the hardest parts about working on the fugitive task force is hunting down criminals who are at risk to hurting innocent people and not just hiding from us. We had a really difficult situation on our hands, as a fugitive who was burglarizing homes was now violently beating his victims within minutes of their life. He even warned my team if we didn’t back of that he would take things to the next level.


While it is impossible for us to back off, we have to take the safety of our residents into consideration. We decided to stop talking to his family and friends, to give him the impression that we were actually backing off, when in reality we were simply shifting out efforts to a different platform. The next phase of the investigation would take place inside the local prison. Even though we know that inmates love to talk to one another and keep the police out of the loop, we had a resource we were going to use that would eliminate that concern.


Securus Technologies installed the inmate phone monitoring system in this prison, and this was going to be the resource we used to close the gap on our fugitive without him ever knowing. Securus Technologies is currently in 2,600 prison systems and the CEO Rick Smith, says that his 1,000 employees are working tirelessly to ensure this world is a safer place for all. This call system was going to be instrumental in helping us to finally get the lead we needed without anyone really knowing what we were up to or what information we were gathering.


The LBS software was the key to us gathering information from the inmates without them even realizing they were talking to us. Almost right out of the gate, we began picking up chatter about inmates talking about hiding the suspect and fencing his stolen goods. It was the conversation about the fence meeting up because of a large haul that really got us excited because we knew our suspect would show in person for the transfer.


Now that we had this information without anyone knowing we were even on to them, we decided now was the time to take action while the suspect was off guard. As expected, we intercepted him at that meeting and made sure he was able to hurt anyone else. He was unarmed and was so angry that we didn’t give him a chance to fight that he threatened to kill us all and our families. Needless to say, thanks to the Securus Technologies monitoring system, we put away someone who will never be able to hurt another innocent person in our city again.


Law Enforcement Praises Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides a number of products and services to law enforcement agencies. They cater to the sheriff, police, and local jails as well as corrections agencies across North America. Securus services include investigation, emergency response, public information, information management, biometric analysis, inmate self-service among other products. This company is continuously developing new services and technologies for civil and justice agencies. Securus Technologies focus is to make the world a better place to live.


Customers who use Securus have a lot to say about the company by recapping incidents of their use of certain products. Included in customer feedback, is praise for the monitoring system on inmates calls that led to information on clues to solving cases, locations of illegal items that led to arrests, and technologies that improved public safety.


One agency commented on the LBS software developed by Securus. They praised the software’s capability to assist them in solving numerous crimes involving drugs, cash, and other illegal items. They also went on to say that, without the LBS software, these arrests that involved millions of dollars recovery, may not have been possible.


Another agency stated that it had been using technology developed by Securus for over ten years and continued to use it as the number one choice for revolutionizing their incarceration environment tools and improving public safety.


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