Institutional investors express need for mixed portfolios, according to Gareth Henry

For accredited as well as institutional investors, the private credit market is a new way to attain higher than average annualized returns. Private equity firms scooped up 16% from ’03 to ’13 on behalf of its institutional clientele according to Cambridge Associates. Public indices Russell 2000 and S&P 500 delivered 9.1% and 7.4% respectively.

Hedge fund specialist Gareth Henry has advised several institutional investors on the workings of the changing investment environment. He has also coached organizations on properly dealing with shared risks and profit ratios when making private equity investments. Though a class known for high returns, firms must carefully analyze their appetites for long-term strategy. Gareth Henry has served as head of investor relations for some of the most prominent hedge funds and credit firms. The specialized asset management executive remains notable for his position at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress became the first hedge fund in stock market history to issue an initial public offering, and was acquired for $3.3 billion by digital giant SoftBank. Check out to read more about Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry has personally witnessed the need for diversification in client portfolios. The institutional players in his rolodex regularly seek out risk-adjusted returns from a balanced set of positions. Allocation programs can truly work when firms add more diversity to stock and bond holdings.

Through time, Gareth Henry has built a consensus amongst sovereign wealth fund managers, pension fund leaders, other private equity firms, and sophisticated investors. Henry has impressed the need for exploration of alternative asset opportunities to satisfy the growing need for results that are capable of beating even tried and true rewards from conservative initiatives.

The actuarial graduate and self-described math geek continuously builds awareness around more non-traditional investment procedures that keep firms competitive. In the current financial landscape, companies must be open to new endeavors and ventures on the private side of investing.



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