Krishen Iyer and Managed Benefit Services

Krishen Iyer is the CEO and founder of Managed Benefit Services (MBS), which is a life, health, and dental insurance consultation and lead management company that shows others how best to structure marketing verticals and contracts to best monetize their opportunities and prospects. MBS focuses on also providing client interfacing, technical development, and online marketing services.


The mission of MBS is to bring together firms needing specialized marketing with lead generation companies that can provide solutions. MBS also designs specific lead traffic for the market and contracts appropriate publishers. The company has recently developed a new multi-layer platform.


As the founder of the company, Krishen Iyer is responsible for its developments and is motivated to achieve the goals he has set. He also continues to look for and create innovative methods so that the organization meets the demands of their always-growing client base.


What does Iyer feel about the future for the business? He says he is most excited about the continued advance of the information age since the company uses that available information to improve the services to the clients. He looks up to Amazon because Jeff Bezos has many different businesses inside one business, and he feels all entrepreneurs should aspire to doing that.


Krishen Iyer obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration and Urban Development at San Diego State University in 2004, has studied at El Cajon’s Grossmont College, and completed Insurance Agent certification. He personally founded a multitude of companies using his motivation and marketing expertise including Name My Premium Insurance, which resulted in placement on the Inc 5000 list in 2015, and is still the owner of Iyer Real Estate Co. and other equities


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