Infinity Group Australia is Eradicating Debt For Many Australians

Infinity group Australia is changing lives and mindsets with the way they approach financial guidance and debt management. Named one of the most innovative companies of 2018, Infinity Group Australia is proving to be effective as they aim to eradicate debt and provide secure financial futures for their clients.


When it comes to debt management, it can feel like there are no good answers. Graeme Holm found this to be true when he spent six months studying and researching the mortgage market in Australia. What he found was a depressing and surprising lack of compassion, guidance, and solutions for Australians that are facing financial issues.


Infinity Group Australia, established in 2013, is only five years old but is already preceded by its reputation. Their customers consistently have been able to pay off more of their debt in the last three months than in the entire last calendar year.


Their customers aren’t the only ones noticing the effects of their innovative mindsets and new approach to debt management. Infinity Group Australia was named number 58 on the Australian Financial Review’s list of the top one hundred most innovative companies across all of both Australia and New Zealand. This is not an easy recognition, and literally, thousands of companies were analyzed for this list. In fact, the AFR list has a reach of about 1.8 million people, making it incredibly influential and a very prestigious honor of the company.


Many things were considered when compiling the list of the top 100 innovative companies. For instance, problem-solving strategies and solutions, as well as their real-world impacts, were a factor. Company culture that fostered innovation and strategy, as well as resources and processes, were also looked at.


As well as being named the most innovative companies, Infinity Group was also recognized as an MPA Top 100 Brokers nationally and acquired Customer Service Management with IQPC all within 2018.


On average, clients of Infinity Group are paying off around $41,000 debt within the first year of services with Infinity Group. Clients of the company receive monthly reports and reviews on their financial performance and how well they are able to stick to their financial plans and budgets. This new way of approaching debt relief has proven more than effective. Infinity Group Australia has accomplished so much in the short time it has been in business and is sure to continue to see overwhelming success in the future. Learn more :

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