Vijay Eswaran Says You Need to Ditch Your Conditioned Notions About Success

You may have heard of the term network marketing. What is it? How does it help you? Why is it important? To understand why network marketing is important, you have to take a look at Vijay Eswaran. He went from driving a taxi to having a net worth of over five hundred and fifty million dollars, and it was all thanks to network marketing. Vijay Eswaran has been gracious enough to share with everyone some of his top tips for success.

The first is that you have to overcome the preconceived notions that you have been conditioned to believe. You probably have led your life thinking that to live a good life with financial stability, you need to have a nine to five job. In order to become an entrepreneur who makes it big, you have to believe that there are many things possible. You have to believe in yourself and ditch the way you were conditioned to believe. For example, Vijay Eswaran did network marketing as a side job while he was still working on a regular job. Within a short time, however, his network marketing efforts were bringing in more money than his real job! However, he still struggled with actually giving up his real job and doing network marketing full time. This shows just how strong ingrained convictions can be.

The next is learning how to serve others. You have to be able to work to make other people’s lives better. That is the only way to succeed with network marketing. Vijay Eswaran first started out building a team that helped another company. However, this couldn’t go on forever, because the company started being unsustainable. He held a meeting with over one thousand people on his team, and they encouraged him to ditch working for the company and start his own. However, because he already knew how to work for others, he was able to put those skills to good use with network marketing.

Vijay is also well known as a major philanthropist. He has donated thousands of dollars to charity. He helps provide scholarships for struggling students as well.

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