Roseann Bennett Provides Unmatched Services in Family, Marriage, Counseling and Therapy

All too often, family is perceived as one unit with the following aspects; a father, mother and the children. Moreover, together they are considered an intimate unit that builds a strong community. For that reason, marriage is qualified by a unifying unit of the spouses alongside the indissolubility of the union and the actuality of children. Therefore, a strong marriage is the foundation of a happy family. Even though that is true, marriages can be troubled. In such moments, an individual like Roseann Bennett.

Who is Roseann Bennett?

Roseann Bennett is a revered and accomplished marriage as well as a family therapist. For more than ten years, she has shaped her career around offering marriage counseling services by helping people walk through their challenges in the best ways possible. Moreover, she has often worked as a dedicated in-home therapist particularly addressing family issues. For decades, Bennett has dedicated time and effort to working with likeminded individuals in offering family therapy, case management, crisis management as well as treatment planning.


Additionally, Roseann Bennett has excelled in working with adolescents alongside their families. Besides, she has proven to be a dedicated and compassionate therapist who wears a diverse background of skills in assessment and extended therapy. Other than that, she is an effective and a forward thinking individual who poses as a perfect business leader.


Following the rising cases of family issues that required the input of an experienced marriage and family therapist, Roseann Bennett thought that it would be wise to establish a strong and instrumental facility that would help families cope with certain detrimental issues like abuse and negligence in marriage and a normal family set-up. For that reason, she established Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2009. Since its inception, the facility has been helping people to get through life’s struggles by addressing internal and external issues. Moreover, with her assistance, the management focuses on helping them control their horrific experiences throughout their lives.

The Outline

Bennett is responsible for the overall leadership, strategic direction management and coordination. Throughout her day, she plays pivotal roles in development programs alongside preparing agency budgets to uphold a systematic program that supports the troubled families.

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