Celebrating 32 Years of Female Empowerment: The Dallas Women’s Foundation

Women’s empowerment has become a juggernaut over the years. A high-percentage of job positions in today’s society are held by women. Many of these professionals are far more qualified than their male counterparts. Little girls and teenagers have many more role models that they can aspire to be like. Women hold top positions in law enforcement, in entertainment and in politics. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is the epitome of women’s success to the highest degree. The fund has celebrated its 32nd anniversary last year, and it was a hit. By introducing livestreaming technology into the mix, the foundation was able to broadcast the luncheon to over 10,000 students.

One of the biggest contributors to this foundation’s success comes in the form of a financial institution. This financial institution just so happens to be NexBank Capital. This regional-banking center is at the top of its class because it offers top-of-the-line services. NexBank can now rival many of the larger national banks. The Dallas Women’s Foundation received a gift for $100,000 from this institution. On the other, NexBank Capital has over $8 billion in total assets. What services does the bank provide? Well, the answer is very simple because NexBank provides:

  •  Treasury Management
  •  Credit Services
  •  Mobile Banking
  •  Online Banking
  •  Savings Account
  •  Checking Account
  •  Certificate of Deposits
  •  Public Funds
  •  Warehouse Lending
  •  And many others

Hope Jahren, a talented doctor/professor, attended the foundation’s luncheon. Jahren was just one of many prominent people that were present, which included civic leaders, business leaders and community leaders. What more could you ever ask for in a high-quality event? All in all, NexBank Capital has showed its cards, and it will continue to cover movements that truly makes a difference.

Southridge Capital Financial Services

Southridge Capital is a financial company that suggests consultative and organized finance for public companies, and it is devoted to helping its various clients to meet their needs by providing a full range of excellent financial resolutions. The executive team at this financial company understands the marketplace and therefore use their knowledge and skills to execute client’s financial plans on their behalf. Since the year 1996, Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion into growth companies worldwide. Additionally, it has financed more than 250 public companies and therefore has the experience of the kind of challenges they face hence offer proper support to specific problems. Further, it gets involved in volunteer work, and community leadership which has a positive impact on its performance and people get to trust the company and believe in what they do in the business world. Southridge as well has played a crucial role in providing financial support to various institutions such as the Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association and Save a Child’s Heart Foundation while liaising with the Daystar Foundation. In that case, it means that the company is not only interested in the profit they make, but they are as well interested in the welfare of the society they serve both financially and health wise. For more details you can visit newswire.com



Southridge Capital works directly together with the creditors of a specific company to get rid of debt which is in favor of common stock which helps them to increase solvency. The framework of this financial company is executed on the obtainable level of liquidity in the stock of the company without having to register statement and minimal market impact. Irrespective of current market conditions, Southridge Capital, gives their Equity Purchase Agreement which enables companies to increase capital by their needs and requirements. By offering Balance Sheet Optimization based on helping companies maintain a proper balance between debt and equity, it becomes easy to yield anticipated outcome. The best thing about Southridge Capital is that it can offer services regarding mergers and acquisitions procedures which comprise of nominees whose business models are affiliated well with the current collection of clients. To see more checkout  citybizlist.com



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Fortress Investment Group, Polished Examiners

Fortress Investment Group is a company that helps individuals maintain and accomplish a sound and steady stream of cash flow that can ultimately save themselves, their companies, and their personal life. They use wealth managing techniques to face the problems that the clientele is facing at the given moment. There is no telling what can be achieved when utilizing this platform to its fullest. Fortress Investment Group has a thorough understanding of what to do in every angle of the market condition, and they have trained professionals ready and happy to help with what ever it is the prospect needs a hand with. One of their core competencies is the fact that they hone in on the attainment of assets which effectively diversify one porfolio to the point to where their assets are safe and secure. Not only do they focus on the assets available and make sure that there is enough for the entities securities to be safe, but they also go into deep financial expertise when approaching each investment catagory and they do not like to take any great investment opportunity lightly.

They go in deep on the sense of cultivating relationships with the individuals responsible for owning whatever company it is the Fortress Investment Group is interested in doing business with at the moment. They do a very coherent routine of due diligence to ensure that the asset they secure funds in is ultimatly growing and protected. Not only do they study hard at the opportunities available to them and their clients but they also have a distinct set of strategies for whatever the company is offering to get a derivative consisting of nothing but the utmost collections from. Fortress Investment Group does not go gently when it comes to the acquisition of attained assets, because on top of being focused on assets and knowing everything there is to know about them, they also go into depth and even deeper understanding by bouncing ideas off of each other in an intense group meeting to ultimately reach an aggreemsnt of whether an assets is not just another liability and legal responsibility on behalf on the organization and the customer.

They know which deals will produce the most cash flow with the littlest amount of investing possible to begin with. They are money savy by ensuring to lock in at small capital rates in order to make all penalities and financing as easy as possible to attain their revenue streams without the stress and hassle of paying more than what is neccessary for a negotiation. Even the employees there enjoy an engaging atmosphere alongside plenty of work opportunities and benifits. It is exceptional and definitely the place for people who are super ambitious and want to go do bigger and better things with their life. The people who work there are included in as many projects as possible, and on top of being a part of a very exclusive team there are many windows and exciting events that happen within the walls of Fortress Investment Group.

Igor Cornelsen- A Top Notch Investor with a Winning Mindset

Igor Cornelsen has carved out a niche for himself in the investment sector. His winning strategy has won him the respect of many. Over the years, he has focused his investments towards damaged stocks. His mantra in investment is that people should not lose money. One of his top advice to investors is that people should avoid damaged companies and instead focus on stocks.

Investment Profile

Igor Cornelsen passion in investment was born in his native home in Brazil. Here, he rose to become one of the top and prominent bankers. He was tasked with managing some of the top banks, and he delivered outstanding results. His successful track record did not go unnoticed. In Brazil, he was tasked with overseeing a significant percentage of the gross economy of the nation. See more of Igor Cornelsen at about.me

Investment Strategy and Advice

His experience in the business and investment sector has afforded him a wealth of experience and knowledge, which he gladly shares with upcoming investors. Like many top investors, Igor also believes that one should start investing sooner rather than later. This is one of the best ways to build a secure investment portfolio. He advises young people to start saving right from their first salary.

Another investment mantra from Cornelsen is that investors should look for avenues and opportunities to diversify their portfolio. Diversifying is not only good for growing revenue, but it also helps to spread risk. Every investment opportunity has a risk element and the more you spread them out, the lesser you feel the effect. Cornelsen also advices that investors should invest both in sound investments and risky ventures.

Another solid advice is that investors should get an adviser. You can learn so much from people who have invested before. Getting an adviser also stops you from making mistakes that you can avoid. You can sidestep most of the loopholes in investing and this will fast-track the process and give you returns much faster.

Though retired and currently spending most of his time in Florida, Cornelsen’s contribution and advice to investors will continue to shape and inspire the lives of many of them.

Visit: https://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/