Jim Larkin

James Larkin acquired the name “Big Jim,” and this is what he came to be known as by many people. The coined phrase by Larkin advocating for fair wages for a fair labored day has for ages, filled the mouths of those who believed in Jim Larkin’s activism.


Born to Mary Ann McNulty and a family of supportive siblings and a caring father, James Larkin, Jim went to school in Liverpool. The slums that the family resided from were situated not too far away.


James Larkin went through a lot of rough phases before he got his first lasting employment as a docker. His former jobs were temporary and did not span for long. The first employment he ever received was at the firm his elder, James Larkin senior, worked at; just after his death. Jim then got another employment as a sailor for the Liverpool docks. His job as a docker was meant to give him experience, and with that, he became a foreman.


NUDL appeared on the page of his life after Jim Larkin had been a foreman for several years and led a strike which caused his dismissal from the docks. His union activities became full-time at NUDL, and he worked towards ensuring workers were treated fairly and paid according to the amount of work they did.


The wage issue is what Larkin stressed on for a very long time, and even after his death, his push for better wages for workers shall always be remembered. He carried out several activities both in England and Ireland on behalf of NUDL, and this made him famous among the union members and the general public.


Jim Larkin was released from the organization because of his disagreement with how things were run. However, this was not enough to change the fact that he had brought so much good with his presence in NUDL, and the union had achieved a lot during his tenure. Jim Larkin had successfully organized workers against Chinese immigration into the country and also against meager wages, both cases in which the protests turned out successful. Jim Larkin died, having garnered a lot of respect from other historical figures and various societies that had felt his influence.

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