Matt Badiali, Natural Resource Investor, Explains Why Zinc is the Magic Metal and The Best Investment Right Now

A young Iranian man, back in 1961, went to the hospital for what he thought was a severe case of IBS. He was also experiencing other symptoms such as; not being able to focus, weak immunity, unexplained rashes and acne and myriad of other things. Imagine his surprise, after numerous tests were done, at being told by a team of physicians that he was indeed experiencing a zinc deficiency. Since this discovery almost seventy years ago we now know that zinc deficiency in humans is a significant malnutrition problem world-wide. Enter Matt Badiali who, after spending months researching his symptoms, discovered the zinc deficiency phenomena and decided he didn’t want to just help himself but wanted to help everyone. More info can be found here.

Matt Badiali, an expert in the mining, energy and agricultural industry has also been a leading contributor to Bunyan Hill Publishing, an entry-level, natural resources investment advisory company. “After advising hundreds of thousands of readers on financial and capital issues, I changed courses, you could say and started focusing on an investment that would change lives but more importantly save lives.” Matt Badiali has been voracious about natural resources for close to thirty years. It is this expertise in mining and energy that gets him in front of CEO’s from companies like Anaddarko, Exxon and Mobil. So, when an expert with Matt Badiali’s extensive background and expertise says it is time to shift our focus on the mineral zinc, people are quick to listen to him.

It was his interview with IdeaMensch, a community supported resource for entrepreneurs from across the globe that got people to slow down and take this “zinc thing” seriously. “I defined the systems and organs that potentially can be harmed during pregnancy when there is a significant zinc deficiency; things like gastrointestinal issues, central nervous systems, immunity and skeletal growth.” The moment IdeaMensch hit send his phone was a buzz and it’s been blowing up ever since. Matt Badiali, who has a passion not just for helping investors find the best investments, is also a huge supporter of entrepreneurs and is focused on helping them bring their ideas to life.

People are surprised when they find out that Matt first started out a scientist geek. “Oh, I was a total science geek. I had my nose in every geology and earth science book that I could get my hands on.” He holds a degree in earth sciences from Penn State University and a Master of Science in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. It was when he was working on his doctorate that a friend of his urged him to get into financial advising. “Matt was so knowledgeable about all things minerals and geology it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that he could help people invest in this stuff.” It didn’t take a rocket scientist, it was a geologist that has been able to help people make millions on investing.” Read more on to learn more.

“Watching my father struggle financially was definitely one reason why I decided to take my passion of this earth that we are all living on and use that passion to help as many people as I possibly can.” It isn’t just about helping people make millions for Matt Badiali “Now that I know what I do about zinc, it is no longer about helping people become rich, I have information that can saves lives and my hope is that I do just that.”

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The History And Mechanics Of The Middle Ages Most Dangerous Siege Engine; The Trabuco

The Trabuco defined an era of medieval history in which devastating siege engines owned the battlefield. Siege engines, and The Trabuco especially, were designed to collapse protective fortress walls and allow for the invading army to gain access to more vulnerable areas of the interior castle. However, Trabuco’s were also known for their high mortality rate, and could wipe out entire groups of warriors at once due to the size of boulder artillery that the later counterweight designed Trabuco’s were able to launch. Trabuco’s gained the height of their popularity during the rival kingdom feuds of the middle ages throughout Europe and gained their legendary status during The Crusades in which both Muslim and Christian armies made wide use of their abilities.


The Trabuco is a close cousin to another popular siege engine of the medieval period, The Catapult. Unlike the catapult, which worked primarily from torsion based mechanics, The Trabuco possessed a somewhat more complex traction based functionality. The original form of Trabuco, The Traction Trabuco, was thought to have been originally designed in ancient China, as that is where we first find historical record. From there, the weapon was brought to the European and Mediterranean lands by way of the nomadic Avars according to The traction based design of The Trabuco functioned by loading the sling, which sat at one end of a beam held by the weapon’s frame, with the ammunition, commonly giant boulders. With The Traction Trabuco, the other end of the beam is pulled downward using ropes and man power.

Due to the inconsistencies with the man driven machine, The Counterweight Trabuco is a much more preferable and durable weapon. The Counterweight Trabuco functions much like the traction based early form with the exception of replacing the man power with a lever device which launches the sling and artillery. It is believed The Counterweight Trabuco was designed in the Mediterranean using designs and inspiration from the original traction based siege engine according to Trabuco’s were used for centuries in combat, spreading to France, and Spain from Britain, and back to China in their updated form by way of the Mongol invasions.

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Doe Deere-article recap

Doe Deere is no stranger to Instagram. In fact, Doe Deere is one of the most recognized female entrepreneurs on the unique social media platform, complements of her prowess in the cosmetic industry. Doe’s company Lime Crime has over 3 million fans for a reason. The brightly colored lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes are vegan, cruelty-free, and simply magical.


Lime Crime stands out among the competition, because the colors are so bright, they might as well be criminally charged. The signature makeup products were developed when Doe needed the right cosmetics to accent her clothing line. Before Lime Crime was born, the Russian-born makeup maven was a student at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Not only did her line of apparel turn heads, but she found even greater success with her out-of-the-box cosmetics.


Before Lime Crime, finding high quality cosmetics that were vegan, cruelty-free, and available in a dazzling range of vibrant colors was nearly impossible. Thanks to Doe Deere’s persistent efforts, Lime Crime is wildly successful and growing. Doe Deere cultivated her fans worldwide, creating unique online video tutorials for makeup application, conducting product giveaways, and keeping authentic branding.


Doe Deere has a lot of inspiration and excitement looking at Generation Z. This generation is unique because it is the first generation growing up alongside the digital age, and internet. Before Lime Crime, many makeup companies would never risk solely making sales online, but Doe Deere took the plunge, and was wildly successful.


Just as Lime Crime’s ethos is to embrace being yourself, being independent, and embracing your weirdness, Doe Deere espouses the same values. She rocks her trademark colorful tresses, and always has flawless makeup. Doe credits much of her success in business to listening to what others have to say, even if they disagree with her. She also attributes her business savvy to trusting her instincts, and embracing her individuality.


As a successful entrepreneur, Doe Deere loves to give back to others. Self Magazine

named Doe Deere one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. As a champion for women in business, Doe often speaks at public events to spread the wisdom she has gleaned operating Lime Crime, and is an advocate for women and minorities. Doe Deere also makes it a priority to be a mentor to others who seek out her advice, too.


The self proclaimed ‘Unicorn Queen,’ has a busy and full schedule, but she always makes time to chat up her fans online, answer emails, and stay connected to her dedicated team at Lime Crime. Learning to grow and improve has been a constant element of Doe’s success in life and business. As someone who makes sure to wake up early every morning to enjoy a good stretch, eat a light breakfast, and spend time with her feline friends before going to work, Doe knows the importance of priorities.


Just as Lime Crime celebrates embracing being an individual, colorful, and bold, Doe Deere pushes her business with the same brilliant energy.


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What You Need to Know About Robert Ivy

     Robert Ivy holds the master in Architecture from Tulane University. He is the current CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). As the leaders of the organization, Ivy has put in place the necessary measures that have set the organization at the vantage point in the market scene. Robert Ivy has been termed as a pragmatic leader, and this is substantiated by many awards that he has won as a master Architects. There are several roles that he played in the different sector before his appointment in American Institute of Architects (AIA). He was selected by Frank Gehry to lead the designing National Dwight D Eisenhover Memorial. The most positioned him at the best state where he gained experiences in the arena of leadership. Robert Ivy has set the goals of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) at advantageous placed where they can be achieved within the right time frame. The primary factor that he has emphasized in the institution is the quality in all the operations taking place in the company. The area where the organization has focused its attention on is the field of education and advocacy. All the activities of the company as per the objectives were limited to the city of Washington. Robert Ivy was appointed as the leader of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in the year 2011.

Since he took office, he has achieved a lot through the steps that he has set the organization in. The main aim that Robert Ivy puts his attention in as the leader of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is building the cohesion in the construction industry. The move that he has taken has been lauded by many in the industry. Furthermore, he has conceptualized different ideas that have made the organization goals achieved. The concept of cohesion in the construction industry has led to the perfect coordination of services and plans sharing among different professionals in the field. Robert Ivy has served in the arena of architecture for a long time and the experience that he has boosted his management in the organization. American Institute of Architects (AIA) came to be in the year 1857. The membership of the organization by then was 13, and it was later increased to 16 after the expansion of the company. Robert Ivy has pushed for the setup of training station in various parts of the United States with the purpose of imparting the right skills to the junior members in the architecture circle.

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